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Folk Drama Theater and Theatre Studio ?Teremok? organized a celebration of Ukraine?s Unity Day for Boarding school pupils. Unity Day or Den Sobornosti marks the anniversary of the unification of eastern and western Ukraine in 1919. читать →
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The exhibition of hand embroidered collages and paintings by Inna Akalmaz, Julia Artemova and Lydia Kolesova at The Isaak Brodsky Art Museum. Embroidery designs are only restricted by the embroiderer's imagination and therefore present a huge range of styles, patterns and pictures, including plants, flowers, crosses etc. читать →
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That day I was waiting for something quaint and high-sounding. At least, ??that event?? seemed to be like that for me. I didn`t feel anything except the skeptical anticipation about ??that event??. At least, I tended to believe so. That day I had no clear idea about the ??Docudays UA?? festival. читать →
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PRO.BERDYANSK.BIZ on the Top of rating. Best sites in the Berdyansk-city from читать →
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