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The system in agony

The Ukrainian oligarchic system is facing a threat. It comes not from the policy of de-oligarchisation announced long time ago by President Petro Poroshenko, but from the ordinary people of an industrial city with the population of about 700,000. The people of Kryvyi Ryh, in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, are fed up with the eternal rule of their mayor Yuriy Vilkul. The situation in the city is like a small copy of the former regime of the ex-president Victor Yanukovych – all the municipal institutions and enterprises are held by Mayor Vikul’s clan. People in the city can hardly make the ends meet as all the opportunities for development are taken away from them. The status quo was shaken after the local election in Autumn 2015 when the candidate from the Samopomich Yuriy Milobog unexpectedly got in the second round of the voting together with the incumbent Yuriy Vilkul. The latter put all the strings win the battle in the second round – bribing of voters, using government administrative offices to campaign, and voter intimidation (threatening to fire people from work, or to expel from a university). Even all this was not enough to provide Vilkul with a convincing victory. In the end, he won by only about 700 votes, most of these votes came from a few special subdistricts. Samopomich complained about the violations and called for another election. Thousands of citizens gathered at the town square. Local activists also went to Kyiv to lobby for an early election. The difficulties they have faced demonstrate that the old system will fight the changes in all possible ways and that the old system has a lot of allies in Kyiv. Nevertheless, the first battle was won by the people. The election is scheduled for the 27th of March, 2016.

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